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    Louis Soufflot


    Maison Louis Soufflot, was founded in the 19th century by Louis Soufflot.  His two sons, Léon and Albert, owned the property until 1980 when it was acquired by Picard.  Although based in Chagny, which at that time was just a small town, it nevertheless managed to make a name for itself throughout France thanks to its proximity to the train station and, of course, the quality of its wines.  Important merchants and the general wine drinking public came to consider the Soufflot brand to be a reference in Burgundy.

    We focus on the regional appellations, such as Mâcon-Villages, Burgundy Aligoté, Coteaux Bourguignon, etc. Through our range of wines, we therefore represent “La Bourgogne authentique” (authentic Burgundy).

    Today, Louis Soufflot, driven by our oenologist named Sandrine, seeks to highlight the qualities of the wines and to bring her feminine touch. The careful sorting of the grapes and the 2-3 years’ ageing in vats endow our wines with a smooth, round palate and silky tannins while retaining their freshness and fruit. L of Louis Soufflot is an ode to “feminine Burgundy”, to purity and elegance.

    PRIMA VINAE - 5 Chemin du Château - 21 190 Chassagne-Montrachet - France
    Tel. 03 80 21 98 64 - Fax 03 80 21 98 55
    CRÉATION : monogramme-marketing

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