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J. Denuzière


Maison Denuzière dates back to 1876.  This was this year when Joanny Paret founded the ‘Vins Paret’ company.  At that time, he and his team of horses used to make deliveries to the cafes and bistrots within a 25 km radius of Condrieu.  Joanny Paret grew the reputation of the wines from Condrieu, distributing them mainly to the clergy who used them as altar wines. In 1940, Joanny Paret’s son-in-law, Pierre Denuzière, took over the company renaming it ‘Vins Denuzière’.

With Pierre at the helm, supported by his sons, Jean and Joseph, ‘Vins Denuzière’ became one of the biggest distributors in the region, operating from Lyon to Valence.  In 2010, the business went from distributor to producer. It acquired 1 ha of vines in Condrieu and 1 ha in Cornas and sought to work closely with the other Northern Rhône Valley wine growers … Maison Denuzière wines are the result of precise, respectful and committed work.

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